Spray Booth Heating Type

Diesel Oil Burner of Spray Booth
During the drying process, the oil nozzle of the burner can make fuel oil be atomized, which allows flame to be formed with the help of electric spark. A flame burns in a stainless-steel heat exchanger, and then the thermal energy is formed.

Gas Burner of Spray Booth
In the paint spraying process, the gas nozzle of the burner serves to eject the fuel gas. After electric spark ignition, flame can be formed. A flame burns in a stainless-steel heat exchanger, and then the thermal energy is formed.

Radiant Heater of Spray Booth
The high temperature far-infrared radiator with wide wavelength range is a high-end technology, which synthetically applies the thermal power, far infrared, electromagnetic field, and thermal photon beam for the heat treatment of objects being processed.

Infrared Lamp Heater of Spray Booth
The infrared lamp heater of spray booth is widely applicable for the industrial heating or drying process. For instance, it is suitable for the surface heating, drying, and solidifying process in diversified industries, including automobile, plastic, printing, glass, textile, food, metal parts, circuit-board encapsulation, photographic film, and electronics, among others.

Fin Heater of Spray Booth
The fin heater of spray booth adopts a variety of materials including high-quality stainless steel, modified protactinium oxide powder, high-resistance electro-thermal alloy wire, stainless steel cooling fin, and some others. It is made in use of advanced production equipment and technique.

Hot Water and Steam Heater of Spray Booth
The hot water and steam heater of spray booth refers to the finned-tube air heat exchanger. It is mainly used for heating air in the drying system, thus being the major device for heating air. The radiator can use steam, hot water, or heat-transfer oil as the thermal medium.

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